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Bygones Collection

Discover the enchanting world of bridal elegance with Brydealo's Bygones Bridal Collection. This captivating collection harmoniously merges the grace of yesteryears with a contemporary allure. Drawing inspiration from the nostalgia of the past and infusing it with a modern aesthetic, the Spring/Summer (S/S) Bygones collection is a testament to the discerning taste of brides seeking a distinctive fusion of glamour and refinement.

Our collection is a canvas of diverse styles tailored to resonate with every bride's vision. From exquisite appliqued mermaid silhouettes that celebrate curves to the timeless elegance of satin A-line gowns, and from the alluring charm of off-shoulder designs to the classic grace of long-sleeved masterpieces, the Bygones Collection showcases a spectrum of choices.

Each creation is a masterpiece, adorned with meticulous details that elevate the design to a realm of opulence. The delicate interplay of stunning lace and refined tulle transforms these dresses into exclusive private label wedding attire that radiates luxury.

We celebrate diversity by offering sizes ranging from petite to plus, ensuring that every bride discovers her perfect ensemble within the Bygones Collection. Unveil your inner allure and embrace the flirtatious sophistication that defines the Bygones Bridal Collection. Let Brydealo weave a touch of timeless charm into your special day, allowing you to exude confidence, elegance, and allure as you walk down the aisle.